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default Abe Blizzlike Repack v6

Post   on Tue Jul 03, 2012 3:17 pm

TDB_full_335.11.45_2012_01_08 Updated New
Compile date: 2012-01-18 New
Added: Reset cooldown and Hp on duel
Icecrown Citadel and instances:
—-Optimized raid loot for normal and heroic 10/25 players
—-Fixed and optimized a lot of quest
—-Fixe Mutated Plague for Professor Putricide
—-Fix Script of Blood-Queen Lana’the
—-Added Scripts for Protectora Val’kyr and Guardian Val’kyr
—-Fixed some quest flags
—-Fix loot for Prince Valaran in Blood Council encounter
—-optimized scripts for The Pit of Saron
—-Fixed achievements for Pit of Saron
—-Added missing loot in ICC intances
—-Added Scripts for Twin Val’kyr
—-Fixed crash for some spells in Icecrown Citadel
—-Fixed Lord Marrowgar’s Coldflame
—-Fixed crashes cause by recent targeting changes in Professor Putricide
—-Corrected target usage in Rotface’s Ooze Explosion spell script
—-Added missing previous bosses killed check to Valithria Dreamwalker
—-Fixed crashes in spells for putricide
—-Fixed eating ooze ability
—-Fixed Professor Putricide variable debuffs
—-Fixed some more chrashes
—-Fixed Scripts for Valithria Dreamwalker
—-Fixed Scripts for Rotface
—-Fixed Scripts for Blood-Queen Lana’thel’s
—-Fixed Scripts for Blood Prince Council encounter
—-Fixed Scripts forLady Deathwhisper
—-Fixed Scripts for Stinky
—-Fixed more crash spells in Icecrown Citadel
—-Corrected Shadow Prison for blood prince council
—-Fixed scripts for professor putricide
—-Loot and spawns has been checked and corrected in the DB
—-Added scripts for The Lich King Lich king is Working
—-[COLOR="Red"]Fixed a possible crash in Sindragosa’s Fury
—-Added and Fixed some more and more Crash, loot, scripts spawns in ICC making this instance more close to fully working
—-Fixed scripts for Sindragosa New
—-Fixed scripts for bling Horrors on heroic mode New
—-Fixed The Lich King damage New
—-Fixed quest Shadow’s Edgee New
>Working 11/12 bosses, still missing The GunshipBattle<

Trial of the Crusader:
—-Rewrited scripts and loot corrected
—-Creatures: set correct difficulty entries for Trial of the Crusader
—-All the bosses has been checked
—-All the bosses loots and difficulty has been checked
—-Added and improved scripts for all bosses
—-Loot and spawns has been checked and corrected in the DB
—-Trial of the Crusader has been checked and optimized
—-Fixed possible crashes in enconters New
—-Optimized scripts for Trial of the Crusader New

Trial of the Champion:
—-Added some Scripts Trial of the Champion to be ready to work soon New

—-Optimized and totally scripted
—-All the bosses has been checked
—-optimized some Scripts for Ulduar
All the bosses loots and difficulty has been checked
—-Added and improved scripts for all bosses
—-Corrected Scripts for Freya
—-Fixed Crash Scripts for Flame Leviathan
—-More object spawns has been fixed
—-Loot and spawns has been checked and corrected in the DB
—-Fixed Scripts for Kologarn
—-Fixed Scripts for XT-002
—-Added and Fixed some more and more Crash, loot, scripts spawns in Ulduar making this instance more stable
—-Corrected Freya’s loot chest
—-Fixed Immumities for Stormcaller Brundir
—-Fixed Scripts for Freya New
—-Fixed right gameobject spawns in Ulduar. New

—-Corrected the maximum count of items loot from titanium ore prospecting
—-Fixed several quest in chain
—-Fix Twilight of the Dawn Runner quest
—-Corrected several dungeons and raids
—-Fixed several graveyards that teleports the player on die to a random place
—-Optimized Battlegrounds
—-Optimized instances Finder
—-Working all dk quest
—-many quest Fixed
—-Some spawns has been corrected in various places of all world
—-Added and corrected some missing graveyards
—-Added and corrected spell in mob AI Scripts that was making lag in some places
—-Several spells from all the world fixed and corrected
—-Fixed quest You’ll Need a Gryphon
—-More Scripts for Storm Peaks has been fixed and optimized
—-Fixed several pets
—-Fixed Scripts for Blackrock Depths reseting of Moira after Emperor Dagran is dead
—-Fixed the Scripts for Naxxramas achievement (Just Can’t Get Enough)
—-Fixed and optimized scripts for Naxxramas
—-Added missing loot in for all ove the world and raids and instances
—-Improved Darkmoon Faire to current Blizzlike dates
—-Fixed quest Stopping the Spread
—-Fixed quest Salvaging Life’s Strength
—-Fixed a lot more quest in all world
—-Some Achievements has been Fixed
—-Fixes Scripts for Vault of Archavon achievements
—-Improved fishing
—-Fixed spellid’s from Zul’Gurub encounters
—-Fixed some BRD quest chain
—-Several spells from all the world fixed and corrected
—-Added missing loot in for all over the world
—-Added and improved AIscripts for all mobs and outdoor bosses
—-Fix quest The Dreghood Elder
—-Fix quest In the Name of Loken
—-Fix quest The Liquid Fire of Elune
—-Fix quest Picking Up Some Power Converters
—-Fix scripts for quest Prisoners of the Grimtotems
—-Fixed a lot more quest, AIscripts, loot Objects and npc spawns in the all world
—-Improve and fix has been made for some clasic instances
—-Fixed Chain quests A Taste of Flame
—-Added some missing Gameobjects
—-Fixed quest Tails Up
—-Fixed quest Creatures of the Eco-Domes
—-Fixed quest Torching Sunfury Hold
—-Fixed horde version of Of Keys and Cages
—-Many other Quest has been fixed living this more close to 100% quest works
—-Fixed a lot of World Event achievements
—-Fixed Runic Healing/Mana Injector bonus for engineers
—-Added some missing items for Faction change
—-Remove some wrong loot
—-Fixed scripts for Utgarde Pinnacle New
—-Many other Quest has been fixed living this more close to 100% quest works New
—-Added missing items from all the world New
—-Added missing loot and remove wrong loot from all the world New
—-Added and fixed SAIscripts for more and more quest New
—-Fixed achievement “Turkey Lurkey” New
—-Fixed Scripts for Naxxramas: Patchwerk’s New
—-Fixed Scripts for Naxxramas: Sapphiron New
—-Fixed Scripts for Malygos New
—-Fixed Scripts for Azjol-Nerub New
—-Fixed Scripts for Oculus New
—-Fixed Trinket Deathbringer’s Will New
—-More possible exploits han been fixed New
—-Upper & Lower Blackrock Spire has been optimized New
—-Added missing gossips from all the world New
—-Fixed Darkmoon Faire starttimes New
—-Added spawn & waypoints New
—-Hinterlands fixes has been made New
—-Fixed the King Dred from Drak’Tharon Keep New
—-Add correct reputation gains for ashen verdict New
—-Fixed loot items dropped in Narain’s Special Kit New
—-Scripts Halls of Lightning has been Implement New

—-Correct and optimize the talent Nature’s Guardian shaman
—-Now Spells that can be spellstolen that have a permanent duration should respect the 2 minute spellsteal buff duration limit Spellsteal.
—-Fix Hunter ability Master’s Call should not process effects when pet is dead.
—-Fixed shaman totems proct crit
—-Fixed Wind Shear shaman as the threat reduction does not effect
—-Fixed Garrote rogue
—-Fixed Ambush rogue
—-Fixed Dirty Deeds rogue
—-Fixed Ignition mage
—-Fixed Unstable Affliction warlock
—-Fixed divine Hymn priest
—-Fixed Unholy Presence Death Knight
—-Fixed Curse of the Elements warlock
—-Fixed Victory Rush warrior
—-Fixed fixed some paladin, shaman and warlock bonus sets
—-Fixed Master’s Call hunter
—-some of the class quest has been checked especially DK quests
—-Fixed Shaman T10 Restoration 4P Bonus
—-Fixed Heart of the Wild stamina and attack power bonus
—-Fixed mind controll Priest
—-Fixed Reincarnation shaman
—-Fixed Optimized Mind controll Priest
—-Improved Reincarnation shaman
—-Hunter’s Volley has been improved
—-Fixes Bloodthirst
—-Fixed Aspect of the Beast
—-Fixed misdirection ability of hunters
—-Fixed pick lock for Rogue
—-Fixed Glyph of Backstab
—-Fixed Distract
Corrected Elemental Oath shaman
—-Fixed some bugs on AOE spells
—-Fixed Swift Flight Form Druid
—-Fixed Vanish Rogue
—-Fixed glyph of Fire Blast Mage
—-Fixed talent Sword Specialization
—-Fixed Shield Slam and Shield of Righteous
—-Fixed shadowfiend
—-Fixed some pet talents
—-Fixed Item – Hunter T9 4P Bonus New
—-Fixed Glyph of Succubus warlock New
—-Fixed Tricks of the Trade rogue New
—-Fixed Lightwel priest New
—-Fixed Bloodsurge talent being activate when Whirlwind causes damage warrior New
—-Fixed Healing Stream Totem bonus and Glyph of Healing Stream Totem New
—-Fixed Warrior’s T10 4P DPS Bonus New
—-Fixed shaman Fire Nova totem New
—-Fixed druid Talent Nurturing Instinct New
—-Fixed Rogue Envenom damage New
—-Fixed Druid’s T10 Feral 4P Bonus New
—-Fixed a bug for mage Invisibility to correct leave combat New
—-Finally fixes Death Knight Blood Tap New
—-Fixed Priest Class quest fixed for Night Elf / Dwarf / Undead New
—-Fixed mage brain freeze to correct work New

—-Working Alterac Valley
—-Fixed some Alterac Valley achievements

—-Working Arathi Basin
—-Working Eye of the Storm
—-Working Isle of Conquest
—-BG/Isle of Conquest: Fixed crash in RemovePlayer
—-Corrected Isle of Conquest
—-Fixed bug with immediate respawn of Glaive Thrower

—-Working Alterac Valley
—-Fixed some Alterac Valley achievements

—-Working Arathi Basin
—-Working Eye of the Storm
—-Working Isle of Conquest
—-BG/Isle of Conquest: Fixed crash in RemovePlayer
—-Corrected Isle of Conquest
—-Fixed bug with immediate respawn of Glaive Thrower

—-Working Strand of the Ancients
—-Working Warsong Gulch
—-Optimized Battlegrounds
—-Fixed invite accept wait timer in Battleground New
—-Fixed re-enter into battleground after disconnect New

—-Working Blade’s Edge Arena
—-Working Nagrand Arena
—-Working Ruins of Lordaeron
—-Fixed bug where Members of same arena team were able to fight each other New

—-All the PvP outdoors working
—-Fixed bg spirit healers

Core and DB:
—-Fixed several bugs that let the server providing better performance and stability.
—-Added the command .cast dest #spellid #x #y #z ordering the selected unit to cast a spell on the selected destination
—-Fixed several exploits
—-Fixed several Waypoints
—-Fixed several leaks
—-Now allow players to respond to gamemaster even whispers ARE DISABLED. White List can be reset .whispers off
—-Corrected reputation factions in some cases ]
—-Fixed bugsgetting the server crash in battlegrounds
—-Improved command .pinfo
—-Improved gms commands
—- Fixes various GameObjects
—- corrected some Battlegrounds
—-Fixed exploits on several Spells
—-Fixed items from World Events
—-Fixed some crashes
—-Fixed some spell auras
—-More several leaks Fixed
—-Improved commands
—-More auras has been fixed
—-Fixed dead units not targetable for attack
—-Some more random, small fixes
—-Replaced custom check classes with new Trinity::UnitAuraCheck
—-Core cleanup has been made
—-Fixed some talents with incorrect target entries in dbc
—-Fixed some more Core/Db crashes
—-Some script Achievements has been Fixed
—-Fix spell penetration from items.
—-Fixed error on Npc Movement after a stun/root
—-Core and Db cleanup has been made
—-More commands has been Improved or fixed
—-Fixed more and more crashes making this repack a lot more stable
—-Fixed some Gameobject Flags
—-Cleanup has been made
—-many NPC’s template has been updated
—-Fixed a crash caused by spell 49065
—-Some creature Text has been Updated!
—-Fixed possible crash for Decimation
—-Added GM tag to gms in Who
—-Fixed crash when removing some objects New
—-Fix a crash when player is logged out when not in map New
—-Fix a crash caused by removecorpse New
—-Fixed Resurrection with players ressing in place then being ported to the person who revived them New
—-Fixed being unable to enter an instance to retrieve body when you have 5 or more instances in the database New
—-Fix a crash in Glyph of Rake New
—-Fixed some DB startup errors New
—-ImprovementCore Armor penetration has been made New
—-Fix a crash related to Transport New
—-Fix some memory leaks New
—-Added missing data in player_factionchange_achievement table New
—-Fixed crashes when using timed actionlist for gameobjects New
—-More Achievements has been fix New
—-Fixed immunitys for many spells New
—-Fixed crash when closing ticket in console New
—-Fix a crash caused by m_itemSoulboundTradeable New
—-Dungeon Finder has been Implemented New
—-Fixed some possible crashes in some auras New
—-Fix a crash in Forge of Souls New
—-Fixed the bonus socket activation with prismatic sockets New
—-Fixed crash when loading character_queststatus_seasonal New
—-fixed crash when creating account from console New
—-Gameobjects has been remove, added and Fixed New
—-Fixed trading spoof exploit New

Note: Not all fixes are listed in here.

user: root | pass: ascent

user: Admin | pass: Admin

Make an account:
Type .account create (user) (password) without ( )

Download Repack
[Only admins are allowed to see this link]

DBC (if you want to use your own you can extract from the extractors)

Download: Dbc Maps Vmaps
[Only admins are allowed to see this link] | [Only admins are allowed to see this link]


(Worldes is included for those who speak spanish)
C:\Abe’s Blizzlike Repack v6 (Clean version)\_Server\mysql\data
configure your world.conf to match the worldEs
This is only if your running a Spanish server, if not just run the Wolrd db

How to update your previous build:

[Only admins are allowed to see this link]
you do not need this if your running the databases inside this repack


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