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Cataclysm Deepshjir Repack 4.06 Scripted Bosses, less bugs

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default Cataclysm Deepshjir Repack 4.06 Scripted Bosses, less bugs

Post   on Tue Jul 03, 2012 3:37 pm

[Only admins are allowed to see this link]

[Only admins are allowed to see this link]

Coming soon… (Today or Friday)

In Cooperation with: [Only admins are allowed to see this link]

I wanted to make a repack of high quality for WoW Cataclysm 4.06
I scripted over 3 months a lot of Bosses and gathered DB fixes from all known Databases.
The Repack is delivered with an amazing control panel that manages the software.
If you think this repack is bad i will solve the problems that occured for you.
Let me know your wishes and i will make them real in my further releases (if it is possible).


Custom fork of ArkCore
ArkDB 2.6+

The least was copy-pasted!
The most it self written!

The Server content version is 4.06 but you can play on the server with every client 4.06<4.3 2.
Heavy optimized mysql 5.5.15 database server
Less Starting errors
Custom Core based on ArkCore, with custom fixes and 30% working Raids and Instances
Custom DB based on the latest ArkDB 2.6 with a lot of fixes included from Skyfire, CCDB and exclusive fixes for this Repack.
Currently the Repack base db is ArkDB 2.6 because this version is very stable. And i want to keep the quality.
Control Panel with best setted up Mysql Server included (no Problems occure with already running Mysql Servers)
Low Repack Download Volume (only 23MB – without vmaps, dbcs and maps)
Great Anticheat System (It autobans players who are using Hacks or Cheats). (I think it is the first Cataclysm Repack who has a built in Anticheat)
This Repack is focusing on Instance and Raid content, but Spells and Area development are on the latest development state.


v 1 – March

Blackwing Descent
Blackwing Descent was rewritten.
The first four Bosses (Magmaw, Omnotron Defense System, Maloriak, Chimaeron) are full scripted and are working up to 90%.
The whole Instance was remade over the DB, a lot of spells were added to the Trash with SmartAI,
Doors are now full working, Nefarian, Onyxia and the Nefarian battle platform are now spawned.

Throne of the Tides
Throne of the Tides is now full working – pre Naz’jar event, Lady Naz’jar
Commander Ulthok
Neptulon Event Ozumat and the TotT Defense System
with cinematic scene (exept Mindebender Ghursha).

Throne of the four Winds
The Conclave of Wind is now full Working exept Rohash (he is light scripted).
Pre Battle Visual effects were added to the Deijings and the Wind Energy were rewritten.

Raid Overview:

Throne of the four Winds:
New! Conclave of Wind

Baradin Hold:

Bastion of Twilight:
Halfus Whyrmbreaker
Theralion and Valiona
Council of Ascendants

Blackwing Descent:
New! Magmaw
New! Omnotron Defense System
New! Chimaeron
New! Maloriak

All Raidbosses are available (including Throne of the four Winds bosses and Nefarian)

Instance Overview:

Blackrock Caverns
Shadowfang Keep
New! Throne of the Tides
The lost City of the Tol’vir
Grim Batol
The Vortex Pinnacle
The Deathmines
The Stonecore
Halls of Origination

The most Instance Bosses are DB side light scripted and all content is available
Scripts: Not Scripted Light Scripted Full Scripted | by Naios 2012

All Bosses that are full Scriptet are scripted by me
(the Grim Batol Bosses and Blackrock Caverns are already included in ArkCore).

Info & Download

Download: [Only admins are allowed to see this link]
PW: 2g38a98sd1jd

Please give me a short feedback in the thread what is
your opinion about the repack? what is missing to make it perfect and
your suggestions.

A ingame user with administrator security level was already created:
AC: root
PW: server

The Database server:
AC: server
PW: server

It is very easy, to start my repack start the ControlPanel.bat that is delivered in the Repack.
You don’t need to setup a mysql.bat or Apache.bat!

You need following programs/files to run the repack:
- [Only admins are allowed to see this link] (recommended) or [Only admins are allowed to see this link]
- The DBC, maps and vmaps of a 4.06 client.
Download it from this post.
Use only a patched 4.06 WoW.exe to play on this repack!
If you haven’t patched your WoW.exe use the patcher that is delivered in this repack.

If you want to run the repack on linux or mac download the repack, extract the world, auth and character database
and compile the repack from the source. (you will find it at my github repository).

-> Copy your Dbc, Vmaps and maps to Deepshjir_Repack/Server/Data
-> Start the Control Panel
-> Play ( very hard, isn’t it? [Only admins are allowed to see this image] )

If you have problems with the Repack don’t hesitate to contact me!

You are not allowed to share the Repack directly, use a link to this side instead
You found a Bug? Or You wish that a special Bug should be fixed in the next release of this Repack? Use the [Only admins are allowed to see this link]!
Visit: [Only admins are allowed to see this link]

-> It takes Weeks to write / add fixes.
-> It takes 10 minutes to compile.
-> It takes hours to actively test.
-> It takes 1 hour to upload.

-> It takes 6 seconds to say ‘Thanks’ or 3 seconds to say ‘Whoo’.
-> It takes 4 seconds to click the +rep button.
-> It takes 5 seconds to give a 5-star rating.
-> It takes 15 seconds to make me happy!

If you like this Repack +rep this Thread that other people can find and enjoy the Repack too

Thanks to:
- Misimouse and Burnham: for their great remake of the ArkDB 2.6
- Asardial: I used his Omnotron Defense System base script
- Arkania Community: for ArkCore and the ArkDB
All people who have ever contributed to a WoW emu project

Currently i am looking for Developers that want me to help!

[Only admins are allowed to see this link]

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