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Psykko’s Blizzlike Repack (MaNGOS)

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default Psykko’s Blizzlike Repack (MaNGOS)

Post   on Wed Jul 04, 2012 8:30 am

Psykko, presents a BLIZZLIKE REPACK
[Only admins are allowed to see this image]

This Repack is running on a very stable version of MaNGOS.
Its upcoming with even more fixes then TrinityCore or any
other Public / Free to-use 3.3.5a Core. Includes, Bugs and
Working Content will be listed below. Have fun using it.

This repack includes:

Support of 3.3.5a client version.
Support of multi-threading core.
Support of Visual Map system.
Support of Vehicles.
Support of destructible buildings.
Support of Dungeon Finder.
Support of Battleground finder.
Support of OutdoorPVP.
Support of World event system.
Support of Death Knight Starting Area.
Support of ACE.
Support of Soap.
Support of RemoteConsole.
Support of IRC.
Support of Armory.
Support of The AuctionsHouse.
Support of Glyphs.
Support of Sockets.
Support of The AuctionsHouse Bot included.
Support of Decent AntiCheat included.
Support of Playerbot included.
Support of ServerAnnouncer included.

High Cap of Working Spells & Talents

Death Knights supported arround 98% tested.
Druids supported arround 98% tested.
Hunters supported arround 98% tested.
Mages supported arround 98% tested.
Paladins supported arround 99% tested.
Priests supported arround 98% tested.
Rogues supported arround 99% tested.
Shamans supported arround 100% tested.
Warlocks supported arround 100% tested.
Warriors supported arround 99% tested.

High Cap of Working Battlegrounds ~ 99%
High Cap of Working Arenas~ 99%
High Cap of Working Quests~ 97%
High Cap of Working Raids and Dungeons~ 98%
High Cap of Working Items~ 98%
High Cap of Working Creatures~ 96%
High Cap of Working World Events~ 94%

Contains DBC, Maps and Vmaps are already extracted.


[Only admins are allowed to see this link] HIGHSPEED DOWNLOAD

Password: psykko
Extracting Password: psykko

MSVCR100.dll Error? [Only admins are allowed to see this link]

The Repack is Compressed as SFX Archive! Just install it on your Desktop or somewhere!
Also remind, this Core is running on MaNGOS NOT TRINITYCORE!
All Fixed Raids and Dungeons are NOT BLIZZLIKE FIXED! but they are Working!

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