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Triforce Mall v3.5 – Trinity

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default Triforce Mall v3.5 – Trinity

Post   on Thu Jul 05, 2012 6:26 pm

This is an updated version of KAKA2081′s Triforce Mall.

What more does it offer from v3.2?

<blockquote>Originally Posted by Triforce Mall v3.5 Changelog:
- Added and Spawned Trainers (Classes, Professions, Weapons, Riding)
- Added the 3.3.5 items that were missing. (Ruby Sanctum) *
- Added a GM Item vendor. **
- Moved some GM items, which appeared at some vendors, to the GM Item vendor.
- Fixed typos on some vendors’ subnames. (Hierlooms -> Heirlooms, Collectables -> Collectibles)
- Fixed an item that reported non-existant in the console (ID: 2090 -> ID: 20901)
- Fixed [Unknown column `DeathState` in `field list`] error. ***
- Fixed [`MovementType`=0 (idle) have `spawndist`<>0, set to 0] error.- Consolidated and cleaned Trainers.
(Enchanting, Alchemy, Engineering were split on two or more trainers, now they’re under single trainers)
- Added specializations to the according professions.
% Engineering: Gnomish/Goblin Engineering & Trainer Recipes.
% Tailoring: Shadoweave/Moonweave/Spellweave & Trainer Recipes.
% Blacksmithing: Armorsmith/Weaponsmith & Trainer Recipes.
% Leatherworking: Tribal/Elemental/Dragonscale Leatherworking & Trainer Recipes.
% Alchemy: Potion/Transmutation/Elixir Master & Trainer Recipes.
- Pulled all trainer spells from database and merged them into the trainers. (Now not a single spell should be missing)- Added missing books to vendors. (Tome of Polymorph: Serpent)
- Rearanged Profession vendors properly.
- Some minor clean-up and value updating.
- Fixed some incorrect values on portal/teleport spellcosts and level requirements of the Mage trainer.
- Moved Endless Rejuvenation Potion & Foror’s Crate of Endless Resist Gear Storage to GM Items vendor.

- Updated the spawn GUIDs to work with TrinityCore rev. 2011-11-21 11:54:43 +0100 (6edcdf6a1425+) *NEW*

Download (GMIsland/Trinity only): [Only admins are allowed to see this link]

* Due to the 150 items-per-vendor
limitation, the 4 weakest Amulets were put into sql comments. (To enable
them, edit npcdata_trinity.sql)
** You need .gm on to be able to see it, this was done in case you want to bring players to the mall.
*** This was also necessary for the
proper function of Trinity. (Since you can’t save any newly-spawned NPC
if the death_state column exists)

NOTE: To avoid any malfunctions, please uninstall any previous versions and clear your WoW/Cache.
Items normally not available to players, found on vendors besides GM Items.
(This NPC is only visible to GMs – so items not available to players, can only be found there)..

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