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AlterWoW Blizzlike Vanilla Repack for patch 1.12.x v3

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default AlterWoW Blizzlike Vanilla Repack for patch 1.12.x v3

Post   on Fri Jul 06, 2012 8:12 am

Coming in 3.3:

  • Spawned Lord Kazzak in Tainted Scar

Changes in 3.2:

  • Added Changelog.txt to repack
  • Changed starting level for GMs to 60.(Can be changed to in mangosd.conf)
  • Corrected HP of Onyxia to 1099000
  • Updated ScriptDev0 database
  • Added README.txt
  • Erased unneccesary post-compile files freeing up disk space
  • Fixed gameobject_template read error. There should be a lot less DB errors now.

Changes in 3.1:

  • Fixed an empty realm list error

Many people
seemed to have problems with v2 regarding login issues. Extensive
testing has been done on this repack. I don’t have the exact figures for
working features but what I can say is that most instances are spawned
and scripted! If you like what you see a +rep would be appreciated!

  • Blizzlike repack using MaNGOSZero core on latest revision(z1765)
  • Latest version of ZeroDB and ScriptDev0
  • Compatible with client versions 1.12.x
  • Spawned world
  • Most quests working(Haven’t tested all so cant say if its 100% yet )
  • From what ive seen honor system is working. Not completely sure it
    has complete functionality yet though so would appreciate some feedback
    on that!
  • DBCs already extracted and Maps and vmaps extractors included

Funserver repack coming soon!

Known bugs:

  • Ragnaros doesn’t seem to be summoning for me in Molten Core. Could
    be just to do with me missing something or not being in a raid group.
    Would appreciate some info on that
  • C’Thun battle doesn’t appear to be working but could be wrong. Will update as i confirm
  • When shutting down mangosd.exe you get a ‘program has stopped working’ error
  • City Guards show blank gossip menu when clicked

Will add more as i find them!


[Only admins are allowed to see this image]

[Only admins are allowed to see this image]

1. Extract the repack to your C:/ drive
2. Place ad.exe and vmaps extractor files into your WoW 1.12.1 directory
3. Run ad.exe and makevmaps_SIMPLE.bat and wait for them to finish
4. Once they are finished copy the ‘maps’ and ‘vmaps’ folders to the MaNGOS directory in the repack.
5. Go back to your WoW directory and open
6. Delete all the text in the file and replace it with: ‘set realmlist′
7. Go into your _Server folder and open MySQL.bat
8. Then go into your MaNGOS folder and open realmd.exe and mangosd.exe
9. Open your wow client and log in with the details:


10. Make a character and have fun!

Alternate Install: (If downloading maps instead of extracting)

1. Extract Repack to C:/ drive
2. Download and extract maps and vmaps to MaNGOS directory
3. Follow steps 5 to 10 above!

P.S To login to the MySQL database use these details:

To create accounts: Enter the following into mangosd.exe – account
create $name $password – substitute $name and $password for your desired
username and password

Download links:

Links to download 1.12.1 client(Torrent program required):
[Only admins are allowed to see this link]

Repack Download link v3.2: (Download size:287mb Extracted size:1.65gb)

[Only admins are allowed to see this link]

Maps download: (Download size:63mb Extracted size:128mb)

[Only admins are allowed to see this link]

Vmaps download: (Download size:104mb Extracted size:259mb)

[Only admins are allowed to see this link]

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