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Eternion/Wowwal repack 3.3.5a – TrinityCore

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default Eternion/Wowwal repack 3.3.5a – TrinityCore

Post  Desolater on Thu Jun 28, 2012 8:37 am

1577 haste cap
Custom Teleport Stone.
Scripted Custom Bosses.
3 task areas with alot Quest etc.
Alot Custom Instances/bosses.
Trainers etc in all Main Citys.
Starter QUest+ new man equipment in all Start Areas.
instant 85.
VIP 1 – 6.5 added! ALOT custom items .
Advance All Skills in Class Trainers.
Meta Gems works! can run fast in all slots!.
0.00 is Haste max speed.
magic stone can be used for Revive your self.
Flying mounts is Auto Added Check “pets”.
Magic Stone (teleport with VIP service and Morph ( only work with VIP rank).
Task area some of the Quests (PVE task).
More of the Task area PVE Proff trainers and more quests etc.
VIP Services (Magic Stone).
Morph System (Magic Stone).
Illidan Morph (Magic Stone).
Scripted Boss with Spell 50 MIL Health.
Main City ( class trainers, wep trainers, mount, proff, and Snowman Mobs
around in Silvermoon and Exodar.. This are in all Main Citys!.
Hero Temple ( VIP Quests ) and Upgrade Weps.
VIP 6.5 ( Best Gear ingame ! haste tabard.. Donor).
Custom Instances.

and Alot More..

Download Repack in [SFX format] [Only admins are allowed to see this link].
password is : ac-web

Database Login

username: root
password: ascent
host: localhost

Login ingame:
username: admin
password: admin

PS:Website is included (not 100% finished but still ok to make account)

Installation instructions:
Nothing special…no maps or vmaps are required.
1-Just open repack , go to Server Folder and run MySQL then Apache for website.
2-Go to core folder,and run arcemu-logonserver.exe
then arcemu-world.exe
3-Open you wow realmlist and replace everything with

set realmlist

4-Log into wow with "admin" and "admin"! Or create account in Database or website "".

[Only admins are allowed to see this image]

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